We face a growing, concern in North America about our dwindling water resources and our growing demands to conserve and reuse water responsibly. Englert’s response has been to use our sophisticated metal roofing and rainware systems, to offer a single source for those who are looking for viable rainwater harvesting systems.

Metal roofs are an ideal platform for rainwater collection. The smoother, cleaner, and more impervious the roof surface, the higher the water quality and amounts of water that can be collected.

Englert Rainwater Harvesting Systems utilize our standing seam metal roof systems to capture from 225 to 1,700 and more gallons of water. The rainwater is stored in above or below ground tanks and later used for landscape irrigation, car washing, and decorative fountains or as non-potable water for toilet flushing, laundry and indoor fire sprinkler systems.

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