SunNet BIPV Systems

An Englert standing seam metal roof provides the critical platform for our SunNet, thin film, photovoltaic laminates, the latest in photovoltaic rooftop technology. SunNet BIPV metal roof systems capture energy from the sun and convert it to electricity, often generating all of the necessary energy a home or commercial building requires.

Englert SunNet BIPV metal roof systems:

  • Provide 15 to 20% more power than other solar energy panels.
  • Capture energy from dawn to dusk, and generate power in cloudy conditions, not just during peak sunlight hours.
  • Are durably constructed of lightweight, flexible, self-adhesive materials and are ideal for use on curved metal roof applications.
  • Come in a variety of product configurations with power ratings from 68W, 136W & 144W.

If you are a building industry professional considering a Photovoltaic System on a Metal Roof please fill out our Solar Project Information Form. We can assist you in the proper design or help you determine the PV output . CLICK HERE to complete the form.

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  • SunNet BIPV Systems

    SunNetBIPV Systems

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LEED Credits
The installation of photovoltaic laminate material on a metal roof meets the requirements of LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 2, (Renewable Energy), which incrementally awards up to three points for generating 5%, 10%, or 20% of the building's energy use with renewable power.

The use of BIPV laminates on a metal roof also meets requirements for the "Optimize Energy Efficiency Credit" awarding up to 10 points based on percentages of energy cost reductions. For example, a 60% reduction will earn the maximum 10 points. Add to these an additional 7 LEED points for a standing seam metal roof for Energy and Atmospheric impact, material recyclability, regional manufacture and building reuse.

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