1.5" A4000 CF

Englert A4000 Concealed Fastener Wall Panel

The Englert Series A4000 flush interlocking wall panel system provides consistently smooth wall surfaces. Unobtrusive vertical seams with concealed integral fasteners are secured without the need for additional clips or mechanical seaming. Optional stiffeners are recommended for lighter gauge material. The panels also may be detailed in combination with insulation to produce an insulated siding system.

For a system specific to your needs and design please contact an Englert representative.

  • 1.5" A4000 CF
  • Color Chart
  • Wire Drawings
  • 1.5

    1.5" A4000 CFConcealed Fastener

1.5" A4000 CF


Color Chart


Wire Drawings


Profile at a Glance

  • Structural
  • ASTM-E283
  • Architectural detail capability
  • ASTM-E330
  • Tight radius curving capacity
  • ASTM-E331
  • Florida Building Code Compliance
  • ASTM-E84
  • Flush Seam
  • Exposed Fastener
  • Horizontal or Vertical application
  • Concealed Fastener

  • Concealed Fastener
  • Exposed Fastener

Concealed Fastener

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Exposed Fastener

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