Architect USB Stick Updates

The Englert ArchNotes architectural binder and flash drive is a unique resource that provides architects with electronic files containing a complete array of product literature and data – everything needed to complete a project on one single flash drive.

Whether it is standing seam metal roof systems, metal wall panels, solar roofing products or gutter systems, ArchNotes provides architects and design professionals with an array of helpful design, marketing and technical materials including brochures, catalogs, spec sheets and profile animations from a single and handy convenient source.

And because new specifications and new products are constantly being added to ArchNotes we have created a convenient ArchNotes recharging station right here on our website so you can log in at any time and update your ArchNotes flash drive quickly and easily. Just insert your USB flash drive into your computer, and follow the appropriate download instructions below for your Mac or PC computer. The rest is easy.

To get your Englert ArchNotes Binder and flash drive feel free to call your local Englert architectural sales representative at 732-826-8614. Both the binder and the flash drive can be stored in an architect’s library for ready use.

Architect USB File Updates

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Easy access to all Englert brochures and catalogs, a color selector for both roofing and gutter colors, standing seam metal roof panel profiles, and a convenient coil calculator to assist in estimating and completing your particular project.

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