Englert Commences Use Of New State Of The Art Paint Line


Perth Amboy, NJ - Englert, Inc. has unveiled a new paint line for its metal roofing, wall panel, soffit and rainware products capable of producing the highest quality painted product possible in the world today. This includes "white goods", also known as appliance grade painted product, and virtually any other painted manufactured goods made for the building products industry.

With its new line, Englert is one of a handful of companies with a fully integrated manufacturing capability, ensuring a level of quality control unattainable by many in the industry.

State of the art elements of the new system also make it the cleanest operations of its kind in the world, capturing 100 percent of solvent fumes from painting, drying and curing operations, and recovering virtually all of the heat from the burning solvent for return to the process in an ultra-clean system.

The integrated system of coater enclosure, oven and incinerator, and temperature and pressure control heats the ovens and metal cleaning and pretreatment with no cost, saving a substantial amount of energy which otherwise would have to be built into the cost of the product.


A Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer (TO) with primary and secondary heat exchangers recovers most of the waste heat in the process. Further waste heat is recovered by heating the Chemical Dryer and the Waste Heat Boiler [WHB].

The new system replaces an older one damaged by fire nearly three years ago. The new line, a project managed by Herb Milley of Milley Engineering Company, will substantially exceed previous product throughputs at Englert’s Perth Amboy, New Jersey manufacturing facility but will still offer Englert’s unique ability to deliver custom color runs of 5,000 pounds of coil or less.
The oven and incinerator feature one burner along the entire line, producing the highest grade of painted metal possible in the world. Oven heat is better balanced internally to give a better product with color that is uniform across the entire roll. Samples of whites produced in some other manufacturing systems can have a yellow cast across the width of the strip because the heat is stronger on one side of the burner than the other. The new system will set the highest standard in the industry for quality, color and consistency. The prime and finish coaters are new state-of-the- art units, assuring Englert's customers that they will be getting their product from the latest and best painting machines available.

Load cells on the new application rollers allow paint to be applied with more consistent measurability, making the process more controllable and providing a smoother application of paint. Rebuilding and replacement in the metal cleaning and pre-treatment area, including the replacement of everything except the tank itself, has maximized paint adherence and improved consistency of quality of the ultimate product. Old-style elastomer-covered squeegee rolls were replaced with fabric types. And the brushing unit was completely rebuilt in stainless steel construction, reflecting the company’s philosophy to build a top-of-the -line paint line.

The new paint line also features a data acquisition archive and laser printer to print the company logo and a tracking code on each roll of coil, allowing Englert and the customer to pinpoint when and how each coil is produced. A laser ink jet on the paint line provides production records on 100% of coated roofing product.

Consequently, the new data acquisition system provides an archive for warrantee and production records and a recipe builder for the system to record and retrieve requirements that go into future jobs for the same customer. The system selects the best components for the job, eliminating any potential for manual mistakes resulting from unfamiliarity with the specific task. This results in time efficiency, accuracy and “closer-to-perfection” automation.

The new line also features a gravure printing system, offering architects, builders and contractors custom painted product in several patterns including wood grain, stucco, leather and more. The gravure capability allows architects to have a wide choice of design ideas and opportunities for roofing including military camouflage, school color designs and special aesthetic designs for sports and entertainment facilities. The system is also designed to develop new and unique patterns that a contractor or building owner might request.

Meanwhile, new electrical controls, motors and a motor control center [MCC] have replaced old electrics, notes Bill Lehman, Englert’s Facility Manager. AC Vector drives meet modern technology requirements and are more energy efficient which has been built into final product cost, he emphasized.

Modern PLC controls regulate temperature, air flows, pressure and solvent concentration through lower explosive limit [LEL] monitors on all zones. And primary and secondary monitors for each oven zone monitor the concentration of solvents for extra safety. “Nearly all of the companies in the metal roofing and rainware industry contract with outside companies to coat their products,” notes Kenneth Krawcheck, chief executive officer of Englert. “With the launch of the new paint line, Englert once again is one of a handful of metal roofing and rainware companies that sources and coats its metal in its own manufacturing facility, a factor critical to superior quality control. Englert returns to its basic formula for success which has always made the company a leader in the industry,” notes Krawcheck. Englert completes the entire process onsite supported by a team of specialists with a combined coating experience of nearly 100 years. “These past three years have been an exciting time for these coatings specialists who had the opportunity to voice what they wanted to see in a world class system, notes the CEO. “Their years of experience, coupled with an intimate understanding of what this advanced paint system can do, will be a real benefit to existing customers and to Englert as it continues to create new and unique nationally branded products for the building products envelope,” he noted.

Englert has a history of bringing new and effective solutions to the industry. Some of those products that will be produced on the new paint line include nationally recognized LeafGuard, the world’s only one-piece hooded leaf protection system, and RainPro, a unique, residential gutter design with much greater capacity for water flow than a conventional 5” K gutter.



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