Metal Roof Retrofit for Belle Glade Elementary School

Belle Glade Elementary School is a kindergarten to 5th grade school in Belle Glade, Florida, part of the Palm Beach County School System.

School officials recently approved replacement of an aging 3000T standing seam metal roof that had been originally specified to meet the needs of building with its low slope and long panel runs.  The architectural firm of Zyscovich, Inc. of Miami, Florida decided to replace the roof with an Englert Series 2500 profile which meets both Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code requirements for wind uplift which the 3000T did not. The architect also specified the installation of a Roof Hugger retrofit steel sub-purlin framing system that allowed the Englert 2500 system to be easily and economically installed without removing the 3000T system from the school roof.

Tecta America of South Florida. Inc. installed the Roof Hugger retrofit system along with 116,600 square feet of the new bone white Englert 2500 profile. The new 24 gauge, 16-inch wide panel was also installed with a 20-year weather tightness warrantee provided by Englert.




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