Englert has announced the availability of its new, color, two-page brochure on coating quality titled “Why Choose Englert?”

The new brochure outlines the 67 different steps Englert takes in testing and quality control to ensure customers of the highest metal coating in the industry. It explains testing Englert conducts on each coil it paints to ensure quality color, gloss, paint adhesion and durability. The brochure also outlines Englert’s process of continuous monitoring and inspection as each coil runs through its paint line system. Also explained is the 12-step procedure the company employs for tracking each coil that is coated including production reports, verification of amount and weight and correct labeling and packaging.

The brochure notes that each coil that is coated goes through a 67-step quality control checklist to assure that the color being run is identical for every coil processed in that color that day or for additional product the same customer might order months or years down the road. To receive a copy of Englert’s new quality brochure call 732-826-8614 or go to the Englert website at

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