New Englert Website Uses Latest Technology To Enhance Usability

Perth Amboy, NJ - Englert, Inc. has unveiled a new company website featuring the latest in online technology.

The new Englert website is designed to serve as a useful resource for architects, contractors and builders to educate themselves and their customers on metal roofing, gutter products, related environmental building products and renewable energy solutions. The new website features easy navigation with convenient shortcuts enabling architects, contractors and building owners to quickly find information pertinent to their individual needs.



For example, the new website employs a dynamic new slider feature to assist the user in navigating through the site instead of the more traditional drop down menus used on most websites. This allows the visitor to easily preview images of projects, products and rollforming machines and then click on them for more information and larger visuals.


“We set out to design an extremely informative website that would serve as a valuable resource and critical destination for architects, contractors, building owners and homeowners,” notes Mitch Gaber, Englert’s marketing director and one of the architects of the new website. “It is purposefully designed so that each target audience group can use a special path to reach information relevant to that specific group. An architect will find information relevant to metal roofing design and specification while a gutter contractor can just as easily zero in on information about gutter accessories, roll forming machines or tips on purchasing gutter coil without having to hunt through a maze of irrelevant information.”


Englert has tapped every available online tool to aid its audiences including:


• A comprehensive metal roofing project photo gallery that allows visitors to conveniently scroll through and select from nearly 100 images of projects by either project type or color.


• An easy to use roof visualizer that allows visitors to choose from a variety of building types and insert an Englert standing seam metal roof into the image they’ve selected. The visitor can easily select from any of Englert’s wide range of UltraCool colors to visualize how the color will look on the building they have chosen.


• An easy to understand profile installation animation demonstrating how every Englert standing seam metal roofing profile is installed plus, essential installation and testing data capsulized on a single web page.


• Convenient online calculators for contractors, architects and building owners to gauge gutter and metal roofing material requirements.


• An interesting award winning projects section offering multiple images of each project as well as detailed information about project design requirements and how they were implemented.


• A host of brief but informative videos and animations sprinkled throughout the website, designed to educate visitors on a variety of topics and products from onsite rollforming to specialty gutters and renewable energy products.


Englert’s new website features time-lapse photography on the home page that dramatizes the beauty of a standing seam metal roof system. A different project is randomly displayed each time a visitor returns to the home page.


“Our overall goal was to create a dynamic website that was attractive, interactive and easy to navigate, giving the visitor every opportunity to explore the content efficiently and effectively,” said Gaber.



Free Englert Roofing Mobile App Download:

Easy access to all Englert brochures and catalogs, a color selector for both roofing and gutter colors, standing seam metal roof panel profiles, and a convenient coil calculator to assist in estimating and completing your particular project.

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