Roofing Retrofit Overview

Astonished at what it costs to replace or repair an aging, leaky flat roof? Then it’s time to replace your roofing headaches with a fully-engineered re-roof framing system and a standing seam metal roof. You’ll satisfy new building code design loads for meeting current gravity and wind uplift requirements. And you’ll eliminate high costs in removing old roofing materials, and business interruptions that cut into profits.

Retrofit roof framing systems with Englert’s ULTRA-Cool™ standing seam panels, can be integrated with solar BIPV laminates and solar thermal systems.

In addition, such installations are eligible for federal renewable energy tax incentives and an IRS Bonus Depreciation, which allows 50% the first year and the balance over the following five years. Depending on where the project is located, a multitude of state and local loan guarantees/funding, grants, renewable energy bonds and tax programs can also be available.

Retrofit roof framing systems

Roof Hugger

Englert partners with Roof Hugger, Inc. to provide customers with fully-engineered re-roof framing systems. Both companies are leaders in the metal construction industry, providing solutions to metal over metal and metal over flat roofing applications that can satisfy new building code design loads.

Save with Retrofit Roofing Systems

By opting for a re-roof framing system, contractors and building owners can eliminate up to 70% of the cost of repairing an old roof, including:

  • The labor for preparation and removal of tar and gravel
  • Virtually all of the costs of landfill disposal
  • costs due to the interruption of vital business activities

Contact Englert today and compare the difference between repairing your old flat roof and replacing it with a brand new metal roofing system.

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