The New Shrewsbury Racquet Club features a 281.06 kW photovoltaic solar array atop a 61,000 square foot UltraCool standing seam metal roof on this existing racquet club in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

The standing seam roof and solar array replaced an aging fastened through metal roof that had been leaking on the pre-engineered metal building. New Shrewsbury's owners were guided by Pro-Tech Energy Solutions, which designed the installation and Englert, Inc., the roofing consultant on the project, which also recommended installation of a retrofit system over the old roof to avoid business interruption and the need to remove and replace the old roof at high cost. Blanket insulation was also inserted into the retrofit's grid system to reduce energy costs and to mute the sound of rainfall that had plagued the old racquet club roof. The designers also chose a lightweight mini-clamp over a heavier photovoltaic panel clamp to secure the PV system to the new metal roof to reduce weight loads on the structure. Threaded holes in the clamp enabled the easy attachment of the solar panel rails to the clamps—all with zero roof penetrations.

The solar array system is the only one of its kind in New Jersey and may be the largest ever installed on an indoor tennis facility using state-of-the-art solar panels and a LEED-compliant metal roofing system. The project took only one month from start to completion.

The combination of the 1,200-solar panel array, an Englert Series 2500 standing seam metal roof and the insulation were originally expected to save the owner $49,000 in annual energy costs. A report this summer shows the system is saving about $6,000 a month. Pro-Tech also installed an eXpertPower Green monitoring system to track real time and historical information on total energy usage of the building.

Facility owner Rich Miezel says he is pleased with the solar roofing system's performance and acknowledged there has been a substantial annual savings over previous energy costs.





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