3/8" Deep-V-Groove Soffit (E-375 Soffit)

Englert Series E-375 Soffit

The Englert E-375 Commercial/Residential Soffit Panel in solid or vented styles, offers aesthetics, functionality and ease of installation. Unobtrusive seams with a positive lock and concealed fasteners guarantee a snug fit between panels. This panel provides a net free ventilation area (NFVA) of 10.12 square inches per square foot.

Profile at a Glance
  Structural   Good for mansard or fascia  
  Architectural detail capability   UL 580, Class 90  
  Tight radius curving capacity   Florida Building Code Compliant  
  Shallow slope (less than 3"/12")   ASTM water & air tested  
  Narrow seam   Dade County tested  
  Wide seam   ASTM E-84 tested (Class A Fire rating)  
  Flush seam   ASTM E-1592 tested  
  Snap-lock seam   Weather tightness warranties  
  Mechanical seam   FM tested  
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