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Not only does Englert offer architects the widest range of LEED and Energy Star compliant roofing products, we also support you with the expertise of our national staff of architectural representatives. As a partner in the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Units (CEU) Program, Englert offers a comprehensive range of AIA approved education units on metal roofing, its composition and uses and what an architect needs to know specifically when metal is being used as a retrofit material and in high wind/hurricane environments.

If you are already designing in metal or plan to do so, the Englert AIA Continuing Education Units are a perfect way to add to your knowledge in this area of design.


E101: Architectural and Structural Painted Metal Roof Systems

Familiarizes architects with the various materials and applications for painted metal roofing. The one-hour credit unit reviews the different coatings used on metal roofing and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The program also reviews the different types of standing seam metal roofing profiles and explores the difference between architectural and structural panels and the applications for snap lock and mechanically seam versions of these profiles.

The session depicts CAD drawings showing typical flashing and installation details associated with standing seam along with photography of commercial and residential projects.

E102: Best Practices for Metal Roof in a High Wind and Hurricane Environment

Underscores how proper installation techniques and materials can save lives and millions of dollars. The sixty and ninety minute versions of this unit each provide an in depth look at what goes right and what goes wrong with metal roofs in high wind and hurricane conditions.

Supported by more than 60 close up photos, CAD drawings and illustrations, the presentations start with a brief historical review of hurricane activity in the Southeastern U.S. and demonstrate how roofs performed and failed in Category Three, Four and Five hurricanes.

The unit offers detailed solutions that can help architects design roof systems that will sustain the toughest wind conditions.

E103: Architectural and Structural Re-Roofing - Metal as a Solution

Focuses on the options of retrofit roofing including case studies of buildings all over the U.S. Whether you are considering retro-framing or a pre-engineered building retrofit, the unit shows how metal roofing materials can be the logical solution. Supported by photography and high quality CAD drawings, the presentation shows how metal can be used for architectural and structural applications including metal shingle and standing seam. The unit takes the architect through every step of a retrofit project with full color photography of the retrofit understructure framing systems.

The unit also provides life cycle costing comparisons between metal and other materials, including first coats, loan dollars, periodic maintenance estimates and future reroofing needs. And it addresses other retrofit concerns such as fire ratings, wind and uplift resistance, hail resistance and code considerations.

E104: Metal Roof Coatings: 50 Years of Development

Outlines the different types of metal roof coatings, including their composition, features, benefits and weaknesses—all supported by references to performance testing.

This unit also investigates the relationship between cool metal roof coatings and the LEED program—specifically Credit 7.2 for roofs that reduce the heat island effect.

The presentation concentrates on the three components of coatings—resin, pigments and solvents—and reviews the coil coating process. It examines the three primary resins used for coil coating exterior metals—polyesters, silicone-modified polyesters and polyvinylidene fluoride—and their strengths and weaknesses and discusses the testing that paints undergo to determine performance characteristics. The session also reviews the three concerns facing metal coatings including fading, chalking and loss of gloss retention. And it reviews in detail the differences between LEED and Energy Star standards for evaluating cool roof coatings including solar reflectance, thermal emittance and the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) used to measure the effectiveness of roofing materials. The unit rounds out with a look at emerging coating technologies.

E105: Metal Roofing And the Environment: Staying On Top For The Future

Shows architects and specifiers how they can earn more than 12 LEED credits for energy savings, recycling and water conservation without looking beyond the roof of a building. The presentation also takes a look at what government, the design community and manufacturers are doing to make metal a viable environmental solution now and for the future.

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