You’re working with an architect to design your new home or renovate your current one. You’ve got the interior design worked out. And now it’s time to choose exterior wall colors and the color of your standing seam metal roof.

You want to be happy with your choice every time you pull into your driveway.  And you’re keenly aware that a well-coordinated exterior will add curb appeal and value to your home.Choose a metal roof color that compliments your siding.

Ultimately, you’ll make the choices that best suit your sense of taste and color preferences. But if you’re looking for ideas, here are some suggestions you might consider.

In a recent blog, we took a look at the standing seam roof colors 6,000 Englert customers had chosen for their new home or home renovation projects last year. And several colors clearly emerged as winners. Based on those results, we’ve researched certain color palettes and matched them with presently popular exterior wall colors and surfaces here in the United States. However, if you’re one of those adventurous homeowners who loves a brighter palette (I’m like you), then you may not find what you’re looking for here. But you’ll always be able to find bright blues, metallic coppers or even order a custom color to satisfy your tastes.Meanwhile, here are some ideas to mull when you’re choosing colors for your roof and exterior walls.

Four of the top ten colors chosen by 6,000 Englert roof homeowners were Charcoal Gray, Matte Black, Dark Bronze and Slate Grey.

Metal roofing color complimenting a nicely designed homeInteresting enough, neutral and understated grey and black roofs offer lots of choices when it comes to choosing an exterior color. To keep to a cohesive color scheme, color experts suggest you choose a neutral and modern slate grey, charcoal or blue-grey. They recommend you pair the grey exterior with a white trim to accentuate the home or a high-gloss black to create a modern, sophisticated scheme. Gray and black metal roofs also pair well with rich, saturated exterior hues. It’s recommended that you select a midnight or navy blue for an elegant look; olive green and brick red are brighter options that add a spark of visual interest to your home’s exterior. For an unexpected color contrast, experts advise that you opt for a pale shade of yellow or even purple with a grey or black metal roof; the neutrality of the roof leaves the exterior color as the centerpiece for curb appeal.

Metal roofs are also available in bold colors that dominate a home’s exterior design on their own. Red, green and even blue metal roofs are common brightly colored options.  It is suggested that you avoid matching exterior colors, which could easily become visually overpowering. Instead, the experts counsel that you tone down bright metal roofs with coordinating neutrals on the walls. For example, a red roof pairs well with a pale sepia or beige exterior paint, while a blue roof is well-suited to pale and icy-grey tones. Instead of matching the exterior color to the roof, incorporate the roof color into exterior trim details or even shutters.

When the house is being painted warmer colors, a brown roof may be the right choice. If the house will feature cooler colors like grays, blues or greens, then a dark gray roof will likely be the best choice. If you have to decide on a roof color first, one of the most common and versatile is a dark slate gray color. Keep in mind, though, that a lighter metal roof color generally reflects more light, which can help keep the interior of the home cooler. While white is most reflective, newer cool color technology allows metal roofs with a variety of pigments to have good solar reflectance and thermal emittance.

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