Paying it Forward

paying_it_fowardThe story of Englert is, in many respects, the story of the changing topography of the metal construction industry today.


Fifty years ago, when founder Herb Englert left Crown Aluminum as vice president of sales and created Englert, Inc. in 1966 with two employees. He saw the opportunity but lacked the finances to get his business going. A successful investor saw promise in Herb and his ideas and gave him the capital to get started. Englert not only pioneered the concept of a total system, selling aluminum gutter materials, equipment and accessories but he also provided his customers with support materials including color cards and literature as well as technical service and machine maintenance to independent gutter contractors.

HEnglert2With the success of his business, Englert was able to re-pay his investor, but his benefactor refused the money. "Pay it forward,” he said, "help others become successful businessmen and we'll all be better for that." From that point on, Englert worked hard to provide others with the tools they needed to be successful, refining his equipment and material to produce a perfect product, precisely and consistently, at the jobsite. He “paid it forward” giving entrepreneurs the support they needed to start their own portable rollforming businesses just as he had.  He helped many people in this business get started and never asked for anything in return, urging them to pass it along just as his mentor had asked him.


In the mid-1980's he took the same successful concept and applied it to the metal roofing industry, and became the first manufacturer to sell portable rollformers, roofing material, accessories and hardware to roofing contractors and installers. Here too he was unique, providing a total package of value-added support including certified technicians support, onsite service and machine maintenance, marketing support and materials, product testing and engineering expertise.


He made Englert one of the few single source roofing manufacturers with an in-house coil coating line, offering an exceptionally broad range of finishes to meet mostany design objective. He established coating finish warranties whose terms dramatically exceeded those of the competition and he instituted the best selection of weather tightness warranties in the industry. He created Englert's only factory trained and certified staff of technicians providing mobile road service to maintain roofing and gutter equipment.  He also introduced LeafGuard, one of the most popular hooded gutter systems in the U.S. today, again creating a dealer network supported by material,  machines, service and and marketing tools that were industry standards.


paying_it_foward_metal_roofFifty years later, as a result of his foresight and commitment, there is a sophisticated network of portable roll-forming fabricators and installers making millions of dollars on mega projects all across the country.


Today, Englert provides a wide range of roofing and gutter machines throughout the world and includes a custom machine manufacturing capability superior in the industry. We offer a full line of wall panel products including commercial/industrial, ACM and ISP products. And we are still making firsts--first to embrace the newUltraCool coatings as a standard paint system for all our metal roofing products. First to fully embrace the ecological move to alternative forms of energy with photovoltaic panels on our manufacturing plant roof providing energy to make our own products. First company in fifty years to introduce a new style of gutter, RainPro, a unique design that allows the maximum water flow of a large gutter, with the look of a smaller, more attractive system.


That same spirit of innovation still glows at Englert and that in itself is reason to celebrate. It lives on in our employees who make better things happen for a brighter tomorrow.  We recognize that spirit. And we respect and appreciate it for it is clearly what makes Englert different. We look at our products for the coming years and see infinite opportunity for us.  The last few years have positioned us better than ever to come out winners. And the rest of the decade will be a time of innovation and excitement in the area of metal building products and services. Join us in celebration as we look forward to a bright and better future at Englert.

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