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Speaker: The timeless beauty of a metal roof, striking by day or night. The full line of wall panels that will give any building a distinctive look and feel. The security of gutters that will protect your home or commercial building in all seasons. The ability to save money, time, and manpower by roll-forming roofs and gutters on-site, and the power to harness the energy of sunlight and to conserve and harvest the rain. Since 1966, Englert has been the innovator of choice for the building products industry, trusted by contractors, architects, and developers for quality products, fail-safe support, and outstanding service.

This is Englert. Welcome to our world. Innovation began at Englert in 1966, when Herb Englert helped revolutionize the gutter industry by manufacturing painted metal coil and the portable machines to roll-form them into gutters on site. Later, Englert began producing painted metal coil and machines to form standing seam metal roofing, wall and soffit panels on site. He also developed a business model that inspired and enabled hundreds of contractors to start their own roofing and gutter businesses, supported by the technical and marketing expertise of the Englert company.

Today, Englert Incorporated operates a factory in New Jersey and local distribution centers around the country, expanding our coverage into more market areas each year. Englert is known worldwide for on-site roll-forming of standing seam metal roofs. Using Englert products, architects and contractors have produced spectacular and award-winning residential and commercial buildings. Properly installed, a metal roof provides beautiful protection and is the ideal platform to capture solar energy and harvest rainwater.

With the choice of 12 panel profiles and 24 standard colors, plus custom colors, whether snap-locked or mechanically-seamed, a properly-installed Englert standing seam metal roof can provide secure protection for well over 100 years. The metal roof being installed here is measured and roll-formed on-site. The contractor is saving money with less time, manpower, and waste. When complete, because all Englert standing seam ULTRA-Cool metal roof systems are Energy Star- and LEED-compliant, the roof will help keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter.

With our 35-year warranty, one of the best in the business, a host of installation accessories, and the ability to provide technical support throughout the project, the Englert business model of partnering with its customers has proved a winning combination, unmatched by any competitor. Englert offers a full line of wall panels that will give any building a distinctive look and feel. Englert wall panel systems include aluminum composite panels, commercial and industrial exposed and concealed panels, and insulated wall panels.

Because they can accommodate a wide variety of geometric shapes, including curves, Englert wall panels give architects the opportunity to employ more imaginative and creative designs. All Englert wall panels can be installed quickly and easily, conserving both time and costs. They're available in a variety of standard and custom colors, in premium, ULTRA-Cool, low-gloss, full-strength Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based coatings. These finishes are LEED- and Energy Star-compliant, and are designed to meet all applicable ASTM tests, as well as tests for impact resistance.

Only Englert wall panels can provide you with a broad range of systems to enrich the look and function of any project you design or build. All Englert's cool roof painted coil stock for metal roofing and gutter products are treated, painted, and tested at Englert's manufacturing facility on the industry's most advanced paint line. The paint lines' highly sophisticated computerized operating system can deliver custom color runs of as little as 5,000 pounds of coil or less. It also features a data acquisition system which tracks and can duplicate a particular run for years in the future.

The Englert paint line is a sustainable non-polluting system that conserves a substantial amount of energy, capturing 100% of solvent fumes, recovering most of the waste heat, and virtually all of the burning solvent heat for return to the process. This state-of-the-art system has set the highest standard in the industry for quality, color, and consistency of painted coil. Englert manufactures a complete line of metal roll-forming machines under the brand name of MetalMan. There are 12 different panel-forming machines, including the MetalMan multipanel, which can form 10 different roofing panel designs simply by changing up the drive rollers. There are also gutter-forming machines for our branded gutters, LeafGuard and RainPRO, and for our generic K-style gutters. All these rugged machines are portable for on-site roll-forming and have a host of features that make them state-of-the-art, including separate drive systems, polyurethane and steel rollers, and powerful Honda gas engines.

Each machine is made from recycled materials and can run panels and gutters at speeds of up to 90 feet a minute. All Englert machines are warrantied and the company provides operation training as well as servicing at regional service centers or on-job sites as needed. Since Englert pioneered the development of seamless gutters and on-site roll-forming with its five- and six-inch K-style gutter machines, it has led the industry in developing rainwear products.

In 1992, Englert introduced LeafGuard, the only patented one-piece seamless leaf shedding system on the market, backed by the Good Housekeeping seal, LeafGuard gutters virtually eliminate the dangerous and unpleasant task of cleaning clogged gutters. Englert also solved the problem of gutter capacity by developing RainPRO, a sleek gutter with architectural styling and the trim look of a five-inch gutter with a capacity of a six-inch gutter. Also backed by the Good Housekeeping seal, RainPRO quickly and safely carries large volumes of water away from the home, reducing the risk of damage to soffit, facia and foundation.

Englert paints gutter coil for all its products in a variety of colors to match the siding and trim of most homes and businesses. LeafGuard and RainPRO feature an exclusive ScratchGuard paint finish that carries a lifetime warranty. MicroGuard and SureGuard are two other outstanding leaf protection systems manufactured by Englert. They attach quickly and easily to the tops of open gutters to trap leaves and debris, and help keep water running freely through the gutter bottoms. Contractors, architects and developers throughout the world trust Englert for quality building products, fail-safe support, and outstanding service. Welcome to Englert, the innovator of choice for the building products industry and today's thought leader in renewable energy solutions.

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