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All County Exteriors

Steven: I'm here with Al from All County Exteriors. Al, just three questions I'd like to ask you. One is, All County's been around and buying with Englert for a lot of years. How many years have they been with us?

Al: About forty years or more.

Steven: 40 years or more. That's a long time. We certainly appreciate your loyalty and your business. One of the other questions I'd like to ask you is, how many different style of products do you buy from Englert?

Al: We get all our gutter coil and accessories from Englert, also metal roofing.

Steven: Metal roofing, and sheets?

Al: Sheets. Yes.

Steven: For a lot of times most of the time that has been gutter, and you started with roofing how long ago?

Al: Probably started a good 10, 12 years ago with the roofing.

Steven: You've been buying that from us as well. All that time you and I have had a long-time relationship.

Al: Absolutely.

Steven: What do you like about buying from Englert the best?

Al: Because they stand behind their product, if there's any kind of problem they address it right away. Customer service is important. No doubt about that.

Steven: Hopefully we meet all those needs and exceed all of those needs.

Al: Absolutely, you do.

Steven: How about our machine techs? Have they been helpful over the years?

Al: Yes. Any type of problem I have with the machines, you guys take care of it right away. Without the machine running right, you can't do business.

Steven: Well, we look forward to your continued support and servicing your account.

Al: Thank you.

Steven: Thank you.

Al: Appreciate, Steven.

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