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Augustus Roofing

Man: Okay, today I am here with Faith Cash of Augustus Roofing. One of our premier certified roofing contractors, and I have some questions I'd like to ask you. 

Faith: Okay.

Man: How long have you been purchasing from Englert?

Faith: I have been purchasing from Englert, since um late 2005.

Man: Oh okay.

Faith: Yeah. 

Man: And what is it that you purchase from us? 

Faith: Um predominantly coil and flat sheets. Occasionally, um I do refer for gutter purchases when we have larger jobs. So, a little bit of everything. 

Man: Okay. And what do you like about buying from Englert? 

Faith: Oh um, hands down it is the communication and the customer service. It is always very easy to get accurate information about where your material is and when its going to be to you. It probably has to be the best thing. 

Man: Okay. Technical support architectural support? 

Faith: That is also something that is different about Englert that I do enjoy. The technical department it one phone call away. You do not have to go through a bunch of different people to get technical questions answered for weather tight warranties or even just your basic installation. And that’s really kind of unheard of in the market. Usually, you have to go through several different people. It’s not an open-door policy like Englert 

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