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B&B Sheet Metal

Interviewer: Hello, I'm here with Thomas Hessler, the Technical Director of B&B Sheet Metal in Long Island City, New York. Tom, just a couple of quick questions. How long have you been buying from Englert?

Thomas Hessler: Oh, we've been buying material about 15, 20 years now with Englert.

Interviewer: That's awesome, I appreciate it. What type of products do you guys purchase mostly?

Thomas: Sheets and coil.

Interviewer: Sheets and coil. You're happy with the quality and the service and everything here at Englert?

Thomas: Yes, I'm really happy with the service, the turnaround. When we ask for estimates and everything, we probably access at most maybe 10 to 12 estimates per day. Quick turnaround. Very happy with the service.

Interviewer: And lead time? The deliveries are going well?

Thomas: Lead time, we usually get the sheets three to four days, coils six to eight days, so-

Interviewer: Perfect.

Thomas: -we're really happy about the lead time.

Interviewer: That's great. Real quick, what's your favorite thing about Englert? What do you like most about Englert?

Thomas: The service, getting back to you right away. That's very important for us because we've got to keep the customers happy on our end. Another thing is delivery has been really well. Getting the material was quick as a response, so that's really good about Englert. That's one of the things we really like about you guys, is getting the material really quick.

Interviewer: Perfect. We appreciate your business, man. Thank you so much.

Thomas: Thank you.

Interviewer: Yes. Thanks again.

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