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Englert Factory Tour

Speaker 1: Welcome to Englert's national headquarters. Here, our dedicated staff and skilled craftsman manufacture the best metal roofing wall panel and rain-carrying systems available. Every day, Englert manufactures hundreds of thousands of pounds of painted metal coil, sheets, and accessories in our 200,000 square foot factory in Perth Amboy New Jersey, and ships them around the country to customers in the building and construction industry.

Today, you are going to tour our plant, warehouse, and manufacturing floor to watch our most important asset, our people working to help your business grow. Englert is known as a leader in customer service. One of the ways we provide service is to invest in inventory. Englert receives weekly deliveries of raw goods from world-class suppliers. Maintaining these large reserves of paint, galvalume steel, and aluminum means we have the product you need to have painted here when you need it, today and every day.

Our inventory of painted roofing coils is just as big. We have hundreds of thousands of feet of painted coils ready to cut into sheets or slit to size and ship them to you as you need them. Finally, we also maintain a large stock of painted gutter coil ready-to-go to form K-style gutters and our signature leaf guard and rain pro gutters. If we do run low on a finished good, we can quickly manufacture what is needed with our extensive inventories of unfinished coil.

When most manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce inventory, Englert knows it's important to you that we have the inventory on hand. We invest in service by investing in inventory. We also know the most important part of painted coil is actually painting it well. At Englert, we take responsibility for the quality of your coil. We do not outsource our painting and our paint line process is the best in the industry. The paint line's highly sophisticated operating system is powerful and flexible enough to deliver custom color runs of as little as 5,000 pounds of coil or less.

The paint line's overall length is 300 feet and it moves 900 feet of coil continuously at a rate of 180 feet per minute. Each roll of unfinished master coil is loaded into the system and automatically stitched into the continuous roll where it is pretreated and cleaned. A primer coat is applied to both sides of the roll. The roll is then fed into a 60-foot long drying orbit. After the primer coat is dry, the roll goes into a second painting area for the finished top and back in color application, and the second run through the oven.

It is also an ultra-clean sustainable system and captures 100 of solvent fumes. As each roll of finished painted coil reaches the end of the paint line, it is tested for quality. First for color consistency and smoothness. Then for film thickness, gloss, scratch resistance, bendability, and paint finish quality. In fact, every coated coil goes through a 67-point quality checklist from the moment it enters the paint line until the day it arrives on your doorstep.

Although we purchase and paint 48 inch wide coils, we slip them into the precise widths you require for different roofing profiles and for specific gutter styles. On this slitter, the three slitting heads can be rotated to change width quickly. As each roll is slit it is edge trimmed for uniformity. Englert primarily slits its guttering material on this slitter which is optimized for our products. Every day painted master coils of aluminum are split either into finished gutter coils or coils to make other products like end cuts and elbows.

Some of our customers want orders of roofing coil as low as 200 square feet. All you have to do is ask, and we will take a coil out of our finished goods inventory and reroll it to the length you need on this machine. We have these same spin-down machines at all our field service centers. Using some of the same painted coils used to make our roofing products, we cut roofing sheets to order or to stocking levels on our sheet line.

Englert does not make accessories from off-grade or secondary materials. We stamp out our accessories like gutter hangers and caps, and our UL-rated roofing clips only from prime metals. We apply the same standards and use the same high-quality coil when roll forming leader and elbow. On average, we make 120,000 feet or more of leader, 25,000 elbows, trim coil, drip edge, zigzags, and soffit every day. We know that it's not just a clip or bracket. It's the accessory that's holding down the roof you constructed or holding up the gutter you just installed. It's got to be right, so it needs to be Englert.

Our tool and dye shop is where our most skilled handcraft men press, forge, and shape critical machine parts and tooling to keep all our equipment up and running and avoid downtime. In our miter shops, we mold specialty products for our rain pro and leaf guard rain carrying systems. You can be sure that our miters have been carefully crafted. These departments of handcrafters along with all our other factory processes are connected by our touchscreen computer system. This cutting-edge factory floor technology is the way Englert schedules, tracks, and inventories production in real-time at the swipe of a finger.

Not only do we maintain a large inventory of coils, we also maintain a large supply of what you need in finished goods like clips, brackets, hangers, miters, leader, and elbows. Remember, we have a network of Field Service Centers also stocking the finished products you need. This is our machine setup and service center. Here our highly skilled machine technicians set up new roll forming machines for you or service the machines you've been using. If your machine breaks down in the field, you can count on Englert service techs to come to your worksite anywhere in the world to get it up and running again. Minimizing downtime is an important part of our commitment to you. Remember, you can only get this from Englert.

Our Product Solutions Group is a great example of dedication to our customers. These professionals are here to help you with specifications, bidding and quoting packages, inspections and warranties as well as providing certification classes for you and your employees. Our marketing department is another great Englert difference. We support our growth and yours by providing the promotional materials you need to sell jobs as well as generating leads for you through various sources. Our website and mobile app can simplify the complex calculations you need for specifying jobs and ordering materials.

These and the other professionals at Englert stand in front of you, beside you, and behind you when you are doing your jobs. Like many of our customers, Englert has been family-owned and operated since 1966. Our founder Herb Englert believed strongly that Englert's success and growth would be linked with our customer success. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide the best in class products, support, and resources to help business owners and operators like you grow their businesses. Every day in this plant we strive to fulfill that mission. Thank you for taking this tour with us.

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