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Green Building

Speaker: Englert is leading the way in renewable energy solutions as part of its commitment to sustainability. An Englert Standing Seam Metal Roof provides beauty and protection, and is the ideal platform for renewable energy systems. Englert Solar Thermal Energy System is a thermal hot water heating system concealed beneath a standing seam metal roof. Metal purlins hold polyethylene tubing containing a water-glycol mixture that captures the sun's energy and transfers it into heat through a conventional heat transfer and distribution system. An Englert Standing Seam Metal Roof also provides the critical platform for SunNet, a thin film photovoltaic laminate that is lightweight, flexible, and self-adhesive.

SunNet Building Integrated Photovoltaic Energy Systems capture energy from the sun from dawn to dusk, and even in cloudy conditions, converting it to electricity, substantially reducing energy bills, and often generating all of the necessary energy a home or commercial building requires. An Englert Solar Sandwich is a unique combination of three renewable energy systems. On the bottom is the solar thermal hot water heating system concealed beneath the roof, with radiant reflective membrane insulation and metal purlins holding polyethylene tubing with a water-glycol mixture. An Englert ULTRA-Cool Metal Roof is the centerpiece of the Solar Sandwich and an integral part of the system. The top layer is SunNet, a low-profile laminate system which generates electricity from dawn to dusk. The Englert Solar Sandwich provides electricity, hot water, and a cool metal roof all in one.

Solar Photovoltaic Crystalline Panels from Englert also deliver solar-generated electricity, maximizing the capabilities of small roof areas. They can be easily installed over a metal roof without penetrating the roof surface and provide an excellent source of electricity during peak sunlight hours. Capturing rainwater that would otherwise be wasted and containing it for future use is the purpose of Englert's full line of rainwater harvesting systems. The 225 RHS and 400 RHS systems feature above-ground tanks and capture rainwater coming off the roof through a downspout. An automatic pump system connected to a garden hose lets the stored water be used later for non-potable needs, including home landscaping, gardening, and vehicle cleaning.

The 1700 RHS is a below-ground rainwater harvesting system which stores 1,700 gallons of rainwater in a polyethylene tank. The 1700 comes with a downspout basket filter to prevent debris from entering the chamber and an automatic pumping system. It can help earn valuable lead credits for water conservation in addition to providing enough water for household uses and lawn maintenance. Today, partnering with key technology and service businesses, Englert Environmental is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions where metal roofing and gutter systems play a critical role.

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