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Metal Master Shop

Tony: Hi, I'm Tony with Englert. Today I'm here with Daylyn from Metal Master, one of our premier metal manufacturers. I've got some questions I'd like to ask you. I'd like to ask you how long you've been dealing with Englert?

Daylyn: Well, Tony, out of the 10 years or 11 years now that we've been open, 8 of those years we have been purchasing from Englert.

Tony: What is it that you purchase from Englert?

Daylyn: Well, we are members of the Dane County Coil Association, which allows us to use Englert product approval. We buy from Englert anything from coils, flat sheets, all the products that you offer that have to do with metal roofing.

Tony: What is it that you like about dealing with Englert?

Daylyn: Other than Tony-

Tony: Thank you.

Daylyn: -I believe that Englert is a company that's very easy to deal with, and very friendly, and approachable. I do know that my team appreciates that. Having our quality products in a timely manner and good customer service is something that any company would value, and Metal Master Shop is not the exception.

Tony: Well, and I appreciate your time today, I know how valuable it is. We appreciate your business, and as history shows, we have a long relationship. I appreciate your business. Daylyn: Thank you, Tony.

Tony: You're welcome. Thank you.