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Metal Roofing Solutions

Speaker: Englert is known worldwide for onsite roll forming of standing seam metal roofs. Using Englert products, architects and contractors have produced spectacular and award-winning residential and commercial buildings. With a choice of 12-panel profiles and 24 standard colors, plus custom colors, whether snap locked or mechanically seamed, a properly installed Englert’s standing seam metal roof can provide secure protection for well over 100 years.

The metal roof being installed here is measured and roll-formed onsite. The contractor is saving money with less time, manpower, and waste when complete because all Englert’s standing seam ultra-cool metal roof systems are and lead compliant. The roof will help keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter. With our 35-year warranty, one of the best in the business, a host of installation accessories, and the ability to provide technical support throughout the project, the Englert business model of partnering with its customers has proved a winning combination, unmatched by any competitor.

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