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Multi Roofing Systems

Steve: I'm standing here with Randall from Multi Roofing Systems. Randall, I'd like to thank you for taking your time with me today.

Randall: Good morning, Steve.

Steve: I have three questions for you. One is, how long have you been doing business with Englert?

Randall: We've been doing business with Englert about 8 to 10 years already.

Steve: 8 to 10 years already. Time flies.

Randall: Yes.

Steve: I want to thank you for your business.

Randall: You're welcome. Thank you

Steve: Another question I'd like to ask is, what type of materials do you purchase from Englert?

Randall: We purchase from wall panels, metal panels, and all gutters.

Steve: All gutter materials.

Randall: Accessories and [inaudible 00:00:30].

Steve: You have the 6-inch machine.

Randall: We got the 6-inch K-Style gutter, yes.

Steve: Thank you for that. One last thing, Randall, I'd like to ask is, what do you like the best about doing business with Englert?

Randall: First of all, this gentleman right here.

Steve: Thank you.

Randall: Always ready for the support, for the question, for anything you're looking for. Their customer service. Every time I call Englert to get an order, they're ready to get the order. They're not asking you for an account number, they're not asking you for a customer number. They ready to go.

Steve: They know who's on the phone. They are ready to take your order.

Randall: They know who it is, and the order has been taken care of, yes.

Steve: Randall, 8 to 10 years, again, I thank you for your business and we look to the future to working together with more business to come.

Randall: Thank you.

Steve: Thank you.

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