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Richmond Aluminum

Interviewer: Good morning. I am with Rich Eldredge from Richmond Aluminum. Rich, thanks for taking the time to talk with me this morning.

Rich: No problem.

Interviewer: I'd like to ask you three questions. You've been buying from Englert for a long time. How many years have you been buying from Englert?

Rich: I've been here with this company for 40 years. I talked to one of the old owners and they believe since the beginning of time.

Interviewer: Yes, it's been pretty much just over 40 years, if my calculations are correct. We certainly appreciate your business. What type of products do you buy from Englert?

Rich: I buy mostly trim coil, all our gutter supplies. We also bought our gutter machine from you. When it needs repair, it goes back. We're always happy with the service.

Interviewer: Great.

Rich: They're usually pretty accurate with how long my machine's going to be down and they'll me, "You'll have it back in an hour, or have it back in a day." We've enjoyed the great customer service-

Interviewer: Well, that's good.

Rich: -that Englert has. We call an order in and we run 10 minutes over there to get it. Sometimes it's ready but we get there too fast.

Interviewer: You're not that far away.

Rich: Yes.

Interviewer: You have recently acquired Richmond Aluminium.

Rich: Yes.

Interviewer: Everything's been going well for you since then.

Rich: Yes. You guys helped me out greatly getting me set up.

Interviewer: Good.

Rich: It was little rough at first but the credit department worked with me, kept me on track.

Interviewer: Good deal.

Rich: We had a couple of disasters here. We lost our computers and they worked with me. They faxed me my stuff over so I could take care of stuff. Everybody there at Englert goes beyond what they need to do. You have great staff.

Interviewer: I certainly appreciate that. I just want to thank you again for your business. We look forward to continue supporting your needs.

Rich: Yes.

Interviewer: Rich, thanks for your time.

Rich: Okay. Thank you.

Interviewer: I appreciate it.

Rich: Yes.

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