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Safeway Construction

Speaker 1: I'm here with Guy from Safeway construction. Guy, I want to thank you for taking the time with me today.

Guy: Sure.

Speaker 1: Guy, I have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind.

Guy: Sure.

Speaker 1: How long have you been buying from Englert?

Guy: Five years now.

Speaker 1: About five years. I know that you're working with a lot of 7 inch product for 7 inch gutter machine.

Guy: Yes.

Speaker 1: What type of metals are you buying and what do you with it?

Guy: 24 inch coil for 7 inch machine, various sheets, different color sheets for copings and metal flashings.

Speaker 1: A lot of fabrication work?

Guy: Yes.

Speaker 1: One last question just to ask it is what do you like doing best about business with Englert?

Guy: Customer service.

Speaker 1: Oh, great.

Guy: Customer service. You guys always answer the phone, you normally have the products in stock. It's easy, we can pick it up, it's not too far away from here, or you deliver.

Speaker 1: Great. Overall, things are good? You been dealing with our mechanics on the machines at all?

Guy: Not really. The machine's still relatively new so we haven't had much problems with it.

Speaker 1: That's good to hear.

Guy: Yes, we only use it for our own use so it's not like we're using it every day. The stone's in working order, every time we start it up it works, and it serves its purpose.

Speaker 1: Okay, great. Thank you for your business, I look forward to continue servicing you, and I appreciate your time.

Guy: You're welcome.

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