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San Dimos

Interviewer: How you doing? I'm here with Sam Dimos from Sam Dimos Roofing and Siding and Gutters. Sam, I appreciate you taking the time to talk with us for a minute today.

Sam: Thank you.

Interviewer: Sam, how long have you been buying products from Englert?

Sam: Oh, about 25 years.

Interviewer: 25 years? That's great. We appreciate it. That's a long time.

Sam: It is, yes, a long time. [crosstalk]

Interviewer: Been doing business for a long time.

Sam: [laughs]

Interviewer: What do you buy mostly from us?

Sam: Gutter material.

Interviewer: Gutter materials and trim coils?

Sam: Sometimes trim coils.

Interviewer: Obviously, after 25 years of buying, you're happy with our products?

Sam: Well, of course. That's why--

Interviewer: Yes. What's your favorite thing here about Englert that you like?

Sam: Well, it's convenient for me. It's not too far, and plus, the people.

Interviewer: That's great. Sam, thank you so much.

Sam: No problem.

Interviewer: We appreciate your business. Appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to talk with us.

Sam: Yes, thank you.

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