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Sandro Erazo

Speaker 1: I'm here with Engler Incorporated and this is--

Sandro Erazo: Sandro Erazo.

Speaker 1: What your company name?

Sandro: Ecologic.

Speaker 1: How long have you been purchasing off Engler?

Sandro: Usually-- I'd say like-- I used to work by my own, you know that. I've been purchase for, I'd say, 10 years already.

Speaker 1: 10 years?

Sandro: Yes.

Speaker 1: Is there one thing that stands out why you like purchasing at Engler?

Sandro: The service. The service is great. People, they working here, the staff-- you guys' staff is completely awesome.

Speaker 1: Ed's a good machine technician there?

Sandro: Ed is. Ed is. No problems with the machine.

Speaker 1: That's it.

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