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Wall Panel Solutions

Speaker: Englert offers a full line of wall panels that will give any building a distinctive look and feel. Englert wall panel systems include aluminum composite panels, commercial and industrial exposed and concealed panels, and insulated wall panels. Aluminum composite material, our aluminum composite ACM wall panels are outstanding for their lightweight, durability, and design consistency. Englert ACM wall panels are available for use in three different applications rain screen systems, wet joint systems, and dry gasket joint systems.

Because they can accommodate a wide variety of geometric shapes, including curves, Englert ACM wall panels give architects the opportunity to employ more imaginative and creative designs. Commercial industrial wall panels, Englert offers a wide range of traditional concealed and exposed through fastened wall panels systems that can be installed horizontally or vertically for all kinds of commercial and industrial use, in pre-engineered metal building applications, agricultural structures, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings.

Insulated wall panels, Englert's insulated wall panels are noted for their rigid feel and streamlined architectural appearance. They're formed by a continuous poured-in-place manufacturing process, which binds interior and exterior steel faces to a Polyiso insulating foam core, and they can be installed in both vertical and horizontal positions. They're available in a full range of textures and offer superior spanning capability, as well as exceptional insulating properties.

All Englert wall panels can be installed quickly and easily, conserving both time and costs. They're available in a variety of standard and custom colors in premium ultra-cool, low-gloss full-strength Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based coatings. These finishes are LEED and ENERGY STAR compliant and are designed to meet all applicable ASTM tests, as well as tests for impact resistance. Only Englert wall panels can provide you with a broad range of systems to enrich the look and function of any project you design or build.

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