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Watertight Seamless Gutters

Speaker 1: How you doing? I'm here with Mike Valarty, the owner of Watertight Seamless Gutters. I appreciate you taking a couple of minutes, Mike, to talk to us about Englert and your company. How long have you been buying material from Englert?

Mike: I've been buying over 30 years, probably about 35 years.

Speaker 1: 30 years, that's a long time, yes. Loyal customer, we appreciate the business, Mike. What do you buy mostly?

Mike: All gutter material. The coil, coil leader elbows, endcaps, everything you guys sell for gutter materials.

Speaker 1: All leaf protection?

Mike: All leaf protection.

Speaker 1: Microguards?

Mike: Screens, everything. I buy silicone.

Speaker 1: You happy with the quality and service?

Mike: Absolutely. The consistency and the quality is the reason why I keep coming back. I mean, obviously, there's other options, but nothing is as the quality and consistency of Englert.

Speaker 1: Yes. We appreciate that. Then machine repair, the guys have helped you out over the years?

Mike: No, yes, they're great. They're great, yes.

Speaker 1: What's that thing you like most about Englert?

Mike: The material is always the same. It's always consistent, and always good.

Speaker 1: All right, wow. Hey, Mike, we appreciate your business-

Mike: Not a problem.

Speaker 1: -and for taking the time to talk to us about it.

Mike: Of course.

Speaker 1: Thanks. All right, bye.

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