What we do on the roof is important because what happens below the roof is critical. More than a decade ago we began imagining the roofing system architects, building owners and homeowners could use to face their most common environmental challenges

Imagine a roofing system that not only protects your home or building, but also keeps it cool in summer, and warm in winter. Englert’s UltraCOOL metal roof coatings are Energy Star approved and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant, allowing customers to choose a sustainable roof without having to sacrifice color choices and aesthetics.

Metal roofing naturally contributes to the sustainable building movement. Their high-recycled content, total recyclability and energy efficiency allow metal roofs to play a pivotal and important role in meeting Energy Star and LEED program requirements.

Metal roof systems have long been considered an ideal platform for integration of solar energy and rainwater harvesting technology. The coating on an Englert metal roof does not grow moss or mold, and unlike conventional roofing material, has no petroleum products or chemicals that could leach into the earth or ground water.

Architects who have long chosen a metal roof for its durability and longevity, now can embrace metal for its sustainable building properties, and the diversity of color choices that can influence the character and personality of a building while protecting the environment.

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