Turn Up the Heat

Here MetalMan adds new weapons to the arsenal of green superpowers at the disposal of his contractor allies. The man of metal uses standing seam to tap the incredible energy of photovoltaics and solar thermal technology to give his contractors the competitive edge for the future. He knows that standing seam is the perfect platform for the integration of a revolutionary ¼-inch thick, photovoltaic laminate that sticks easily and almost unseen to standing seam panels. Quietly and efficiently, these laminates draw energy directly from the sun to light and power the structure below. Meanwhile, the standing seam panels protect and regulate a solar thermal technology under the roof surface which uses the powers of the metal roof and the sun to heat domestic hot water—all leading to lower energy costs for the contractor’s customers and the architects who serve them.

Three great new superpowers—the sun, metal and Englert contractors— working together to save the environment.

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