Unleash Your Inner MetalMan!

Our champion for standing seam metal roofing throws down the gauntlet to contractors far and wide, challenging them to become soldiers in the campaign for quality metal roofing.

MetalMan’s message? In every contractor there’s a MetalMan trying to breakout. A super hero trying to solve their customer’s most challenging problems with commercial and residential roofs that stand the test of time!

MetalMan’s “believe in yourself” attitude urges contractors to tap into their inner MetalMan and go for total victory with quality standing seam metal roofs. The tools of their trade--their weapons? The highest quality painted coil and roll forming machines in the market today backed by testing along with technical and marketing support unmatched in the industry. Join MetalMan in his battle against the shortcomings of factory made panels and asphalt roofs. Save the day for your customers.

Banish waste and eradicate downtime!

Follow MetalMan’s lead and be a superhero!

Unleash Your Inner MetalMan

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