1 ½" and 1" Curved Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof Systems (C1300/C1301)

Englert Series C1300/C1301

Designed to accommodate arched canopies and walkway covers, Englert’s curved version of the popular A1300/A1301 metal roof profiles meet the needs of today’s architects. The curved A1300/A1301 metal roof systems, at 1 ½" tall, can be reduced to a minimum radius of 24" in aluminum or 100" in steel.

Both metal roof systems, although rugged in design, require a solid deck for installation. The C1300 carries the UL-90 listing with proper fastening. These metal roof profiles can be locked with a 90° or 180° fold. Roofing panel widths for this application are adjustable from 12" to 20”.

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  • 1 ½' and 1' Curved Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof Systems

    C1300/C13011 ½" and 1" Curved Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof Systems

Animation Video

Color Chart

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Wire Drawings


Download Roofing Color Card

Color Chart

Profile at a Glance

  • Structural
  • ASTM water & air tested
  • Good for mansard or fascia
  • ASTM-E84 tested (Class A Fire rating)
  • Architectural detail capability
  • ASTM-E1592 tested
  • Tight radius curving capacity
  • UL 580, Class 90
  • Shallow slope (less than 3"/12")
  • Dade County tested
  • Narrow seam
  • Florida Building Code Compliant
  • Wide seam
  • FM tested
  • Snap-lock seam
  • Flush seam
  • Mechanical seam
  • Weather tightness warranties

  • Architectural Metal Roof
  • Structural Metal Roof
  • Curved Panel Metal Roof
  • Soffit Systems
  • Retrofit Framing

Architectural Metal Roof

Architectural Metal Roof Systems

Structural Metal Roof

Structural Metal Roof Systems

Curved Panel Metal Roof

Curved Panel Metal Roof Systems

Soffit Systems

Soffit Systems

Retrofit Framing

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