Now is the Perfect Time to Replace an Aging Flat Roof with a Retrofit Standing Seam Metal Roof System

Aging building stock and demands for energy efficient buildings makes now the perfect time to suggest a retrofit standing seam metal roof.

A sloped retrofit metal roof system incrementally extends the life expectancy of a building, reducing roof maintenance costs. It also improves its aesthetic and economic value and may even decrease insurance premiums inflated by past problems.Flat roof being retrofitted with metal roofing.

According to recent studies, about 25% of U.S. commercial, institutional and public buildings are now 55 years old or older. Right now, there is roughly 71.6 billion square feet of aging commercial buildings in America. With another 10.6 billion square feet in industrial space and more than six billion in pre-1980 school construction you’ve got more than 24 percent of all structures in the U.S. ready for renovation. In a tough economy, the need to refurbish and give new life to these buildings should be an architect’s dream.

Installing a standing seam retrofit metal roof system will eliminate the disruptive loss of business and building use that occurs if you replace the old roof with another flat roof.A retrofit metal roof system reduces the environmental impact and the substantial cost of carting old roof material to landfills by eliminating the need to remove the old flat roof. At the same time, its cool roof coating helps your building reduce its carbon footprint with more sustainable reflective and emissive qualities.

And finally, if you are simultaneously looking for ways to reduce your building’s reliance on traditional fossil fuels, a standing seam retrofit metal roof creates an ideal platform for the installation of renewable solar systems, like thermal and photovoltaic electric, as well as rainwater harvesting technology that can help our natural environment.Completed metal roofing retrofit over flat roof.

A standing seam retrofit gives you the ability to choose between solar crystalline and laminate photovoltaic technologies to save energy and add under-roof solar thermal systems that can generate heat and hot water and eliminate reliance on fossil fuels.

One suggestion: when you’re ready to take this step in redesigning an aging building, find an experienced partner who can support your conceptual project design, help with an energy feasibility assessment, do an ROI analysis and provide the field support and subcontracting resources you’ll need for a successful project.  There are resources out there that can help simplify and guide the process from design to implementation.

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