What Are the 10 Most Popular Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors Today? See What 6,000 American Homeowners Chose for Themselves

It’s that time of year when all the big paint companies are predicting which colors will be popular for the home—inside and out.

Since our specialties are metal roofing and wall panels, we can pretty much ignore interior paint suggestions like Teacup Rose, Peachy Keen and Tangerine Tango and focus on what color metal roofing materials will go with the popular exterior wall colors forecast for this year.Showing metal roof color on a house.

The color experts seem to agree that the purpose in providing an annual color forecast is to ‘help inspire and fuel the imagination of individuals as they take on a home painting project.  Personally, I prefer the bolder color palettewhen it comes to selecting colors for a standing seam metal roof.  Hues like Pacific Blue, Terra Cotta, Burgundy and Metallic Copper always turn me on when I see them on a residential property. But the fact is, the experts tell us the colors for 2013 for home exteriors will reflect the strong influence of nature. Dark earth tones, various hues of green, blue and brown  and neutral  earth tones are predicted to lead the way again this year in exterior colors.
We questioned whether the color gurus could be right. So we decided to see if the metal roof colors homeowners and architects had been choosing from Englert over the past year fell in line with what the color experts were saying for 2013.  We took a look at our paint finish warrantees on 6,000 residential roofing projects our contractors had installed nationwide in a four-month period last year. That snapshot represents a very small number of the total projects done in a year but it was sizeable enough to give us a good idea of what metal roofing colors have been most popular.

The winners?

The color experts seemed largely on target with their prognostications. Here were the color choices of 6,000 people who recently put a metal roof on a new house or re-roofed an existing home.

1.    Charcoal Grey
2.    Forest Green
3.    Dark Bronze
4.    Hartford Green
5.    Matte Black
6.    Slate Grey
7.    Mansard Brown
8.    Bone White
9.    Medium Bronze
10.    Colonial Red

Grey metal roof color on rustic looking house.Only Bone White and Colonial Red did not match the color palette the experts said homeowners were choosing.  But colonial red is one of those perennial favorites in our industry every year and who’s going to argue white as a choice?

Of course, the least likely favorite metal  roof colors of homeowners and their designers were MY favorites: Terra Cotta, Champagne, Metallic Copper, Pacific Blue and Everglade Moss. Hey, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him choose a nifty color scheme.

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