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What you need to know about snow retention

Frozen snow sliding off of roofs is serious business!


Injuries and even fatalities have resulted from falling snow and ice from roofs.

In addition, snow shedding from a roof can also damage landscaping, parked vehicles, lower or adjacent roof sections and even the paint finish of the standing seam metal roof itself.

When considering snow retention solutions for any roof structure the very first step is to determine the loads that will need to be held in place by the snow retention system.

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Quality is King


When it comes to selecting a metal supplier for your customer’s metal roofing, wall panel or gutter project quality is king.

There are many credible metal suppliers to choose from but it’s important to know that the supplier you’ve selected is as concerned about the outcome of your installation as you are.

Be careful to choose a supplier who subjects all of the painted coil that it produces to a comprehensive quality check before every coil leaves their facility and arrives at your location or jobsite.

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Attention all Metal Roofing and Gutter Contractors !

Multi Panel

As we close in on the last few months of 2017 it’s a good idea to take stock of your roll forming equipment or any equipment for that matter used to operate your business. It makes sense to evaluate the condition that your equipment is in and determine if it needs to be repaired, replaced, upgraded or if you simply require additional equipment to handle the work load.

In the case of roll forming equipment it is highly recommended that you carve out some time throughout the year for regular machine tune-ups to insure that your equipment is running properly and at peak performance. It is so important to keep the tools of your trade in optimum performing condition.

If you find that you need additional equipment the IRS offers some good news.

Over the past decade or so the IRS has offered tax relief for companies who invest in new equipment providing that the equipment is put into service in that calendar year.

The PATH Act of 2015 has made permanent the IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction on equipment that allows companies to write off the full cost (up to $500,000) of any equipment purchased before December 31st 2017.

Equipment purchases up to $500,000 can be fully written off in the 2017 tax year provided that…

- You have not purchased more than $2,000,000 worth of equipment in the current tax year

- The equipment purchased is placed into service during 2017

- The Section 179 Tax
Deduction does not put your company at a financial loss for the year.

So if you purchase a new portable roll forming machine before the end of the year you can save!

Please be sure to consult with your tax professional for details on the Section 179 Tax Code before making any purchases.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems Perform Well in High Wind Conditions

With hurricane season upon us and the tragic devastation that took place in the paths of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma we’d like to offer our prayers and good wishes for all those affected by these two powerful and destructive storms.

The extreme wind forces from these types of storms can easily damage the strongest of buildings and cause billions of dollars in property damage.

One way to help minimize these damages is to insure that the roof system protecting the structure is strong enough and installed properly so it can withstand high wind conditions. Metal roofs prove to be a much better option than other types of roof systems when it comes to holding up to hurricane force winds. While there is no guarantee that any building or roof structure will hold up to 150 mile per hour hurricane force winds a properly installed and tested standing seam metal roof system offers building owners and architects a fighting chance in high wind environments.

Year after year, storm after storm we see many standing seam metal roofs miraculously hold up to devastating hurricane force winds. With the stringent Miami
Dade and Florida Building Code requirements more and more metal roof systems are designed to stay in place where they belong in spite of devastating wind conditions.

When designing a structure in areas prone to hurricane force winds it’s important to consider a metal roof system in your plans and specs. It’s equally as critical to specify a reputable manufacturer whose metal roof systems are subjected to and pass all appropriate high wind tests thus offering you the best chance that your roof will survive and protect the structure during a high wind event.

For more information on testing you can visit the FBC website at, the Miami Dade website at or you can contact the Englert Product Solutions Group at 1 800 ENGLERT.

Choosing Metal for a Roofing Project

What to Consider When Specifying a Metal Roof for your Project

Specifying a metal roof for a new project? You should first consider the project’s proximity to the sea-coast. The marker of the industry, is a half mile from salt water to the project. This will be the indicator that will allow you to select the base metal for the application. If the project is going to be near the water, you will want to select an anti corrosive metal such as aluminum, pure zinc or copper. If the project is located away from the water, beyond half a mile, then you can look at some alternates like Galvalume or zinc-coated steel.

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Englert Now Offers AIA – CEU Credits Online

Englert is pleased to announce the creation of its first on-line AIA Continuing Education Course.

Englert’s one hour AIA E101-OL “Architectural and Structural Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems”  provides the architect with an introduction and  complete overview of the history and the benefits of standing seam metal roof systems.  Englert’s E101-OL has been reviewed by the American Institute of Architects and has been approved for CEU credit. Continue reading

The Growing Residential Metal Roofing Market Can Infuse More Revenue into Your Business

Are you operating a successful home improvement or remodeling business and looking to create an additional profit center?  Are you a commercial roofer looking to expand your business into the rapidly growing residential roofing market? Or, are you simply a remodeler looking for an opportunity to offer your customers something more? Continue reading

Safety Begins Before the Metal Roof or Gutter Installation

Over the last few years Metal roofing and gutter contractors have placed a great  deal of emphasis on job site safety. Deservedly so, as insurance premiums rise it is important that your installation crews follow the proper safety precautions when installing metal roofing, gutters or any other building or home improvement product. It is critical that your crews be trained and retrained regularly on these safety procedures.  Failure to do so could cost your company a great deal of money or worse. Continue reading

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