Englert Metal Roofing Project in Franklin Tennessee Selected Winner of Metal Architecture’s 2016 Design Award for Metal Roofing

While we traditionally refrain from self-promotion within this space we couldn’t resist in this instance.  An Englert standing seam metal roof was selected by Metal Architecture magazine as the winner of this year’s design award for metal roofing.  Below is an overview of the project along with some photos.  Please note, if you have either designed a recent project with an Englert standing seam metal roof on it or if you are a contractor and have installed one that you feel may merit an award please feel free to contact your Englert representative or me directly with the details. Here are the details of this year’s winner – the Bells Woods home.Tucked within the rolling hills of the scenic rural countryside in Franklin, TN is a beautiful “rustic modern” home designed by Stevin Ginn Architects of Omaha, Nebraska. Built on 23 acres of breathtaking countryside this 5,800 square foot, two story, three bedroom home sits on a hillside and soaks in the sun and the wonderful views from dawn until dusk.

Belles Woods residential home with metal roofing.This uniquely designed home is the creation of owner David Bell who was also the general contractor and visionary of this rustic paradise.  Bells Woods as it is called is built from local Tennessee fieldstone and over 17 species of wood.  The home features very strong 25 inch thick energy efficient walls made from stone, insulation and concrete.  With over 1,350 feet of glass on the south side soaking in the scenery and bringing in light to the home.

Bells Woods was built with sustainability as an integral component to its design.  The home features a standing seam metal roof and is constructed of mostly reclaimed and recycled materials including the local fieldstone – prominent on both the interior and the exterior of the home and most of the lumber used to build the home.  Most of the structural wood used for the decking and beams is Douglas Fir collected by the homeowner David Bell, from trees that were being cut down locally.  Mr. Bell who has a very close relationship with the local arborists saw that these trees were being eliminated and made an offer to buy the lumber as he saw the trees being cut.  It was milled locally and stockpiled for the project.

He collected over 14,000 board feet of local lumber including cherry wood and oak to build his home.

The Tennessee Crab Orchard fieldstone is prominent throughout the area and is highlighted all around the property on walls and roads that predate the civil war.  These walls were erected by very skilled masons.  No mortar or dirt was used to build these walls.  The fieldstone walls were dry-stacked and have withstood the elements for over 250 years.Belles Woods Home in Franklin, TN features a standing seam metal roof.

Over 7,000 square feet of Slate Grey Englert Series 1000 1 ½ “ x 13”  standing seam metal roof installed by Don Kennedy Roofing of Nashville, Tennessee shrouds the home and its many passive solar overhangs and porches that protect the house from sun and rain (estimated annual rainfall of over 64 inches of rain per year). The edges of the standing seam metal roof tapers to provide a natural slope that leads to the stylish half round gutters where water flows down the unique chain downspouts and drains through the beautiful black Chinese river rocks below and into a rainwater harvesting system that captures the rainwater for re-use.

The roof edges are simple and clean with a shed style roof that runs east to west and an overhang in the south that filters the sun in the summertime.

The design features several striking angled columns that intersect and protrude through the overhangs representing centuries standing guard by the entrances of the home and protecting it from harm.  The metal roof sections where the columns break through the roof are beautifully flashed and caulked and the columns are capped to protect the end grains of the wood from damage.

Much of the flooring is a medium tone lime stone which soaks up the sun’s rays and provides warmth in the winter but stays cool in the summer.

The architect and owner wanted to blur the lines between the inside and the outside of the home.  To accomplish this they selected neutral grey granite floors on the ground level that runs from the interior of the house and travels through the glass wall out to the exterior of the home and towards the pool.

The property features a luxurious swimming pool, fruit bearing orchards and a beautiful stream running through it.

The owner – David Bell grew up on a farm in Nebraska in a town that his great grandfather founded called Bellwood thus the property name – Bells Woods.  His great grandfather, his parents before him and he were stewards of the land using the resources available to sustain them.  He understood the minimalistic values of taking from the land and giving back to it.  For this reason, sustainability, energy efficiency and low maintenance were so key to the design and building of Bells Woods and his commitment to giving back to the land was a driving force in the utilization of building materials from local resources that were already being destroyed  and repurposing them to build Bells Woods.

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