ENGLERT Walks The Solar Walk

With A PV Rooftop System Installed on Englert’s Own Standing Seam Metal Roof

After several years of being at the forefront of integrating solar solutions with our standing seam metal roof systems Englert has become the first metal roofing manufacturer to walk the walk and install a PV system onto our own standing seam metal roof.

Rooftop Solar PV System Installed on Englert's Own Standing Seam Metal RoofThe roof-integrated photovoltaic system on our New Jersey field service center in Perth Amboy generates thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity powering the company’s rollforming and slitting operations as well as part of its corporate office complex.

The company has 611 photovoltaic panels on 16,000 square feet of Englert standing seam metal roof adjacent to our corporate office and manufacturing facility in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.  The system was installed for two reasons, first, obviously, to save on energy costs and, second,  to underscore to architects, contractors and builders Englert’s commitment to solar energy as a rooftop power source. Our rooftop system generates nearly 186,000 kilowatt hours annually that provide electricity to our manufacturing plant’s rollforming, slitting and stamping operations.Any excess energy not used by the company to power Englert operations is being sold back to the local power company, generating income for Englert.  And our employees everywhere are able to monitor the real-time, day-to-day, photovoltaic productivity of the system via their computers.

Englert metal roofing and photovoltaic products have been used in dozens of solar rooftop installations for nearly a decade now. But Englert is the first manufacturing company in the metal building and gutter industry to plan and install a PV system of this magnitude on its own facility. That says a lot.Solar PV System on Englert, Inc. Rooftop

It says our plant managers, in-house electricians and manufacturing executives have an intimate understanding and reliance on photovoltaics to run our day-to-day business. It says we know what it takes to help a customer– including architects, builders and roofing contractors—, finance, install and operate a rooftop solar system. And it says we are doing our share to reduce the carbon footprint in manufacturing—something we’re already working hard at with our new paint line that captures 100 percent of solvent fumes from painting drying and curing operations and recovers virtually all of the heat from the burning solvent for return to the process in an ultra-clean system.

It says that Englert talks the talk AND walks the walk. Any Englert-made cool metal roof or gutter you buy today has been manufactured using solar energy. That’s more than cool. That’s commitment.

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