Problems with a Shingle Roof? Free Yourself Forever with a New Standing Seam Metal Roof

Thinking of replacing your old shingle roof with a new standing seam metal roof? Here are six telltale signs it’s time to get rid of shingle roof problems forever and replace them with a metal roof that won’t leak and will continue to look good for decades to come.

–Curling and buckling shingles are a sign that it’s time for a new roof. Shingles that are curling and losing granules means the roof is past its life expectancy or that the roofing material is defective.Worn out curling shingles on a house.

–Cracked or missing shingles is another sign that the roof is failing.

– Shingle granules in the gutters are also a sign of a failing roof.  Roofs tend to lose more granules toward the end of their life cycle. Also, a large pile of granules at the base of the gutter downspout is another sign of a worn shingled roof.

–Dark streaks on the roof caused by airborne algae that is sticking to the shingles. This may not necessarily harm the roof shingles, but it can make an otherwise beautiful home look tacky.
–The same goes for moss that can grow on roof surfaces, particularly in moderate moist climates where the roof doesn’t get much sunlight. In addition, moss can hold moisture against the shingles and in freezing weather cause damage to the granules. Moss can be brushed or scraped off the roof but it will grow back.

–Roof Valleys where shingles are falling apart or missing is a definite sign that the roof is failing. Snow and rain flow through valleys and into gutters. If the valley is compromised the roof could be susceptible to leaks.

Metal roofing on a house.Replacing old shingles with a standing seam metal roof will eliminate these problems. A new metal roof also adds curb appeal to any home which can pay dividends when it’s time to sell the home. And whether a homeowner is replacing an old leaking roof or building a new home, they will have the unique opportunity to design the entire exterior of the home to suit their style. Today’s metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colors from earth tones to lush tropical colors that can complement the exterior walls and trim of any home.

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