Reroofing Resurgance Presents Opportunities for Standing Seam Metal

A new study by the authoritative Freedonia Group projects a rebound in reroofing projects this year through 2019, largely due to home and building owners doing previously delayed renovations due to the economic downturn from 2009 to 2014.

Green standing seam metal roofReroofing accounts for the larger share of U.S. roofing demand, totaling 81% in 2014. New non-residential demand for roofing is also forecast to experience solid growth going forward, with the office and commercial segment generating opportunities as more retail sites and commercial complexes are built. The institutional and industrial construction segments will also boost demand, as more schools, hospitals, and manufacturing sites are erected, boosting demand for low slope products like standing seam metal roofing.Standing seam metal roof on Chicago Institute

Standing seam metal roof on Chicago Institute

Meanwhile, metal roofing will also see above-average demand gains through 2019, according to the study. It notes that metal roofing demand will be helped by its durability and ability to support solar panels used to generate electricity and by the fact that metal can also be used as cool roofing products that reflect sunlight to keep buildings cooler in the summer. The increased demand for low slope products such as metal will be in direct correlation with a demand in the institutional and industrial segments as more schools, hospitals and manufacturing sites are built during the 2015-2019 time period.

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