Safety Begins Before the Metal Roof or Gutter Installation

Over the last few years Metal roofing and gutter contractors have placed a great  deal of emphasis on job site safety. Deservedly so, as insurance premiums rise it is important that your installation crews follow the proper safety precautions when installing metal roofing, gutters or any other building or home improvement product. It is critical that your crews be trained and retrained regularly on these safety procedures.  Failure to do so could cost your company a great deal of money or worse.
These safety procedures are not just limited to the installation process but also may include the use of required safety equipment or the proper protective clothing.

This is not a new issue. Job site safety has been an important part of the home improvement and building construction industry for quite some time. But safety does not begin and end on the job site.  It is equally as important that your crews arrive to and from the job site safely as well. Vehicles should be properly maintained and all traffic laws should be followed to the letter. This means that crews should not be distracted while driving to and from the jobs. No phone calls, no texting, no eating or drinking and no filling out paperwork while on route to or from the job site.Safety starts with safe vehicles.

Many companies are beginning to install video cameras on their vehicles that record both the driver’s activities inside the vehicle as well as a view out the back and out the front of the vehicle. This is a great way to insure that your drivers are not distracted and the exterior views may come  in handy in the unfortunate event of an accident. It may just prove that your employee was not at fault.

The video views can be viewed real time on your computer or phone so you can monitor the activities of your crews 24/7.

There are also various tracking services that can be utilized that monitor speed limit and even proper driving (insuring the use of blinkers and proper breaking and turns). You can also govern the speed at which your crews can drive to insure their safe arrival to and from the job site.

Accidents are more common than you think and can cost you a fortune in insurance premiums and legal fees. More importantly however is the fact that you want to keep your employees safe both on the job site and away from it.

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