Smart Financing Offers you More Opportunities to Close Sales and Increase Revenue While Giving Your Customer That Metal Roof They Want

Having difficulty getting your customer to pull the trigger on that standing seam metal roof system you’ve been talking to them about. Are they convinced that the beauty of the metal roof and the durability that it offers is the right move for them but the cost is a little bit more than what they had budgeted?

We all know that a standing seam metal roof will last at least three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof and that a metal roof is much more energy efficient. Add to this the beauty of a standing seam metal roof and there’s no reason at all why you should lose a job once you’ve gotten a homeowner interested in the idea of replacing their shingle roof with a metal one.

Beautiful house with metal roofing.One of the most common obstacles to closing the deal on a residential standing seam roof is often the price. While the value of the roof and the expected lifespan more than justifies paying a little bit more – sometimes the homeowner requires a little extra incentive to finish off their dream home with that final touch of beauty and elegance offered by a metal roof. That extra push to get them over the hump could be to offer them an attractive financing option.

Most consumers when faced with a $60,000 remodeling bill may run for the hills if they’re required to pay the full amount up front with no financing option available. Well why should the investment in a new, much less expensive, standing seam metal roof or new gutters for that matter be any different?

Financing allows you to close more opportunities and ultimately frees you from being saddled with the burden of bad debt from slow paying customers. It’s a worry free sale. Your customer enjoys the benefits of their beautiful new standing seam roof and you get paid immediately … it’s a win/win.

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