Standing Seam Metal Roofs – An Ideal Choice for Rainwater Harvesting

In my last blog we talked about wildfires and what you can do to guard against them.  We suggested a Class A fire resistant standing seam metal roof for obvious reasons and a leaf protection system to keep leaves, pine needles and other natural debris out of your gutter so it doesn’t become kindling.

Studies by the University of Texas, the Texas Water Development Board and other universities have emphasized that a standing seam metal roof snares more water for reuse than any other roofing material—up to 95%. Those same studies also say a metal roof delivers the highest quality water for indoor domestic use.  Other roofing materials can spawn bacteria and high levels of dissolved organic carbon which can be unhealthy.  And while harvested rainwater that goes into a cistern is nearly always recommended for secondary uses like toilet flushing, landscape watering and car washing, the water taken from a metal roof is considered the safest.Harvesting rainwater allows you many uses for the collected water.
The same type of leaf protection system we recommended for keeping flammable debris out of the gutter in wildfire areas will also serve as the first step in filtering harvested rainwater. A standing seam metal roof and a leaf protection system are superior, effective and economically efficient designs for fighting wildfire AND capturing rainwater.
For the balance of the system, which  includes a pumping mechanism to pump the water back out for reuse and the storage system to hold the rain water that is captured – what you choose will be dictated by how much water you’re trying to capture. Englert rainwater harvesting system.You can choose from a list of professionally designed products ranging from a 100-gallon, inexpensive rain barrel with spigots for watering and drainage on up to a large in-ground system capable of storing 2,000 gallons of water or more.  We recommend that you contact a rainwater harvesting professional to discuss the type of system that best suits your specific needs.
Rainwater harvesting systems are a relatively inexpensive way to reduce long term water costs while conserving water and protecting the environment.

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