1.25" Uniline R

The Englert Uniline "R" Series

The Englert Uniline "R" Wall Panel System, the staple of the metal building industry, combines strength with a deep, wide panel profile for a clean, bold look. The wall panel is easy to install and is designed for maximum durability with tightly bonded and tough finishes.

For a system specific to your needs and design please contact an Englert representative.

  • 1.25" Uniline R
  • Color Chart
  • Wire Drawings
  • 1.25' Uniline R

    1.25" Uniline RExposed Fastener

1.25" Uniline R

1.25" Uniline R

Color Chart


Wire Drawings

Wire Drawings

Profile at a Glance

  • Structural
  • ASTM-E283
  • Architectural detail capability
  • ASTM-E330
  • Tight radius curving capacity
  • ASTM-E331
  • Florida Building Code Compliance
  • ASTM-E84
  • Flush Seam
  • Exposed Fastener
  • Horizontal or Vertical application
  • Concealed Fastener

  • Concealed Fastener
  • Exposed Fastener

Concealed Fastener

Commercial/Industrial Panels - Concealed Fastener

Exposed Fastener

Aluminum Composite Wall Panels

Aluminum Composite Wall Panels

Insulated Metal Wall Panels

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