Buildings Have Faces, RainPro Adds “Character”

Light commercial structures have faces.

And those faces—or facades as we also know them–are as interesting and diverse in every particular—color, shape, surface details and size—as your face or mine. In a world where our work and leisure environments increasingly wear the stamp of conformity,  the face of a small commercial structure remains an area where individualism can still express itself.The RainPro gutte blends well into the architecture of the building

Look around you. It must be abundantly clear from what you can see here in America that some commercial building owners have still invested substantial care in how their structures look outside.

And why not? Making something happen to the outside of one’s creation brings personal satisfaction but it also makes an impression on the world passing by.

That’s precisely the issue we were struggling with when we invented the RainPro Design Series gutter systems five years ago.  Sure, we wanted a gutter that would be eminently functional. And we made sure that—it’s larger than average capacity moves water away from your building faster than conventional gutters. RainPro’s wider gutter bottom and larger 3 3/8” outlet give you a dramatic increase in water flow capacity compared to a 5” gutter system which only has a 2 3/8” outlet.

But we also wanted to change the look of a gutter.  Conventional gutters serve their purpose but they do nothing for—and in many cases can actually detract from–the look of a building.

So, we stepped back and pondered the face of such structures—a lot of them, in fact. We looked at different home styles and commercial building styles, architectural ornamentation, exterior moldings,  and trim. It became very apparent that conventional gutter styles did nothing to enhance–and often acted as a deterrent to using–exterior ornamentation on the face of a building.

So we created RainPro Design Series gutters with a touch of elegance that would complement the distinctive lines, flourishes and shapes of exterior moldings and other exterior ornamentation that people choose for their homes and commercial buildings.

RainPro gutters provide greater water volume and enhance design

We designed RainPro to work with every home and light commercial building style where refined architectural qualities were desired. It fit nicely with the most contemporary styles but it also met the aesthetic requirements of buildings with grandiose compositions and classical orders while playing an important role in the water-shedding function of the exterior.

Better Design, better functionality.  That’s what RainPro gutters deliver. Each component of the RainPro gutter system, from the miters and end caps to the hidden hangers, was designed to achieve a totally refined architectural profile that looks like part of a commercial structure or home, not something added on.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at some of the photos that accompany this article. RainPro gutters naturally and elegantly integrate into home and building exteriors.  You may not even recognize it as a gutter.

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