Industrial Metal Master® 20

The only portable 20 3/8" (51.8cm) throat brake
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Take your bending experience beyond the confines of your shop. The new Industrial Metal Master® 20 gives you more flexibility to make the complex bends now in demand with metal & commercial roofing jobs. With a throat depth of 20 3/8" (51.8cm), the Industrial Metal Master® 20 has now become the new standard from which others will be measured.

The Industrial Metal Master® 20 comes with the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing to provide the best one-stop-shop for all your job site bending, from "W" style valley-pan & rake edges, to soffits & roof flashings, including wide hip and ridge cap, HVAC duct & plenum work, to name a few.

Industrial Metal Master® 20

Materials Formed

  • Materials Formed

    • Aluminum – .050.
    • Galv Steel – 22 ga.
    • Painted Steel Grade D – 24 ga.
    • Copper – 32 ga.
    • Zinc Alloy – .050.
    • Stainless Steel – 24 ga.
  • Model IM654

    Model IM654:

    • Length: 6'6" (2.0m)
    • Castings: 5
    • Lbs/Kg: 201 (91.2kg)
  • Model IM1054

    Model IM1054:

    • Length: 10'6" (3.2m)
    • Castings: 7
    • Lbs/Kg: 259 (117.5kg)
  • Model IM1454

    Model IM1454:

    • Length: 14'6" (4.4m)
    • Castings: 10
    • Lbs/Kg: 340 (154.2kg)
  • Model IM854

    Model IM854:

    • Length: 8'6" (2.6m)
    • Castings: 5
    • Lbs/Kg: 211 (95.7kg)
  • Model IM1254

    Model IM1254:

    • Length: 12'6" (3.8m)
    • Castings: 9
    • Lbs/Kg: 315 (142.9kg)


  • Strongest computer engineered castings for unmatched strength.
  • Deepest throat available for working with wider materials.
  • New reinforced Power Lock™ bar for better clamping force.
  • Increased bending radius. Make 180º hem bends easier than ever.
  • Adjustable clamping jaws with the largest opening in it’s class.
  • Ergonomic heavy-duty bending handles for improved leverage.

Available Options

  • TrimCutter™: Cuts light to heavy sheet materials right on the machine. A unique 4-point track bearing system means this tool does not ride off the brake during cut (the ONLY cutter that can make that claim).
  • NailHawg™: Gets the metal scrap, shards, nails and screws in a matter of seconds. Unique toe/hand release puts debris where you want it resulting in a worry-free clean-up job after job.
  • Trim-A-Slitter™ S24C (shown): Comes with 2 sets of cutting knives and has optional perforating dies available for making custom ventilation components right on the job. Each set provides 3.625 inches of net free area of ventilation per linear foot per pass. Motor Kits are also available for automating your slitting duties, saving both time and money.
  • Trim-A-Gutter™: This innovative tool lets you market, sell and install gutter-cover under your own name. Form gutter-cover from trim coil or from gutter-coil to fit virtually any profile. Optional mounting brackets are extruded from aluminum and can be installed without dropping existing gutter. Note: Marketing tools available on DVD or CD-Rom.

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