Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster®

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The Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster®, featuring new POWERslot™ technology, provides single user setup and operation in the shop and on the job site. Non-marring vinyl strips protect clad finishes leaving clean crisp bend lines and hems. Our unique cam-locking system clamps to the thickness of the material and not to a factory preset.

Should you ever need to fine-tune your brake, each casting comes with independently adjustable UHMW plastic wedges. While some brake manufacturers have taken away your ability to make these adjustments, its nice to know TrimMaster® gives you the choice, even if you never have to use it.

Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster®

Materials Formed

  • Materials Formed

    • Aluminum – .050
    • Galv Steel – 20 ga.
    • Painted Steel Grade D – 24 ga.
    • Copper – 24 ga.
    • Zinc Alloy – .050
    • Stainless Steel – 24 ga.
  • Model IT663

    Model IT663:

    • Length: 6'6" (2.0m)
    • Castings: 7
    • Lbs/Kg: 119 (54kg)
  • Model IT1063

    Model IT1063:

    • Length: 10'6" (3.2m)
    • Castings: 11
    • Lbs/Kg: 176 (79.8kg)
  • Model IT1463

    Model IT1463:

    • Length: 14'6" (4.4m)
    • Castings: 15
    • Lbs/Kg: 235 (106.6kg)
  • Model IT863

    Model IT863:

    • Length: 8'6" (2.6m)
    • Castings: 9
    • Lbs/Kg: 148 (67.1kg)
  • Model IT1263

    Model IT1263:

    • Length: 12'6" (3.8m)
    • Castings: 13
    • Lbs/Kg: 206 (93.4kg)


  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum shop stand included with every Mark IV. The Xtreme™ Shop Stand will not rock, rattle, roll or rust. Unit is fully detachable and collapsible for easy fast setup and transport.
  • Hollow-core fixed hinge, bending hinge and base rail design makes this one tough brake. New FTA system (Fine-Tune Adjustment), means you still have control over adjusting your machine, though you may never need to.
  • Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster has the strongest bending capacities you can get in a portable brake.
  • Unique Cam-Locking system locks to the thickness of the material.
  • Full loop locking and bending handles are ergonomic and provide for single operator use.
  • Heavy-duty hinge provides years of dependable service without material curling at the ends or sags in the center. Mark IV Industrial now works with TrimCutter™ for quick clean material cutting right on the brake. TrimCutter™ does not ride off the brake during cut.

Available Options

  • TrimCutter™:
    PART #
    • Knives made from 100% hardened tool steel.
    • Tool uses 4-point roll bearing track system.
    • Use with Mark I , II, IV and Metal Master 20™ Series Brakes.

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