Metal Roof Solutions for Contractors

A metal roofing system is the perfect platform for the many sustainable building products offered by Englert, from solar energy collectors to rainwater harvesting systems. We currently offer 28 Energy Star and LEED compliant metal roof colors that qualify for green building status. As a result, you can build a sustainable metal roof without having to sacrifice color choices and aesthetics.

All Englert metal roofing and gutter systems are fabricated on-site with an Englert quality roll-forming machine. On-site roll-forming allows you to fabricate each metal roofing panel, and each length of seamless gutter, to the exact specifications you need, right at the construction site, resulting in substantial cost savings and greater job control.

Englert has the metal roofing industry’s only mobile technical service fleet ready to perform roll-forming machinery service and repairs at your location, and an in-house staff of trained technical specialists to help you with bidding and ordering.

In addition, this web site offers a number of exciting innovations and tools in our services section, including calculators, downloadable brochures and metal roof installation guidelines. Be sure to look at our Photo Gallery, and our Award Winning Projects section to see how strikingly beautiful a metal roof can look. Our Metal Roof Color Visualizer tool can help you to see for yourself, or demonstrate to a client, the dramatic visual impact a metal roof can have on a building.

Call us today and ask about our metal roofing contractor certification program and how we can help you build better by partnering with Englert.

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