A Log Home and a Standing Seam Metal Roof: Perfect Together

There’s a reason why all the log home manufacturers feature these magnificent log “cabins” with equally sophisticated metal roofs—they know they are the best possible choice for their product both aesthetically and functionally.  Just as log homes are renowned for their natural look and low-maintenance, a standing seam metal roof system will last as long as your log home with minimal upkeep and provide the same rustic, natural architectural aesthetic as your home.

Standing seam on a log home has its practical values as well. Many log homes are built on lakes and in heavily wooded areas—often remote from the hustle and bustle of urban and suburban life. If you own such a “cabin,” odds are good you’re dealing with conditions like heavy snow, the potential threat of wildfire and remote access. Three very practical reasons your log home should be capped with a metal roof.

Log home with standing seam metal roofIf your home is in serious snow country then a steep sloped standing seam metal roof will more than stand up to the stacks of snow every winter. More and more American homeowners are building in what were once uninhabited heavily forested areas. Unfortunately, it goes without saying that living in the forest puts your cabin at risk for wildfire. And an incombustible, fire-tested metal roof is the safest roof you can have in the event of fire. Unlike petroleum laden composition roofs, metal won’t burn and its extremely light weight resists premature roof collapse, unlike concrete tile which is far heavier. Traditional asphalt roofing begins to deteriorate from the moment it’s installed and exposed to heat and sun, so it’s only a matter of time before your beautiful log home needs a very expensive makeover – and it won’t be the logs.

Wood shakes were at one time the classic roof for a log home. But not anymore. There was a time when wood shakes would regularly last 40 years. Not anymore—particularly on wood shake products installed since the early 90’s. And why would you increase the fire hazard to your new log home by putting on the roof a material that makes great kindling?  Ask your insurance agent what your rate will be for a metal roof versus wood shakes or composition material if you live in a heavily wooded area prone to the possibility of forest fires.

Finally, a quality metal roof won’t fade, crack or peel, so it looks the same on day one as it will in 20, 30, 40 years and longer.

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