Building a New Home – Why Not Consider a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Looking to design or build elegant residential homes and offer your clients both beauty and functionality? A standing seam metal roof fits the bill. Combining the elegance and beauty your customers are looking for with the energy savings they require is the key to keeping them happy and generating referrals for years to come.

Standing seam metal roofs have become more popular than ever in residential construction. For the most part, a standing seam metal roof is maintenance free and will last at least three times longer than a shingle roof. Metal roofs offer architects and builders greater variety than tile roofs and they can be installed all over the country regardless of the climate in the region. A metal roof will perform better than a tile roof in more harsh environments that produce cold winters.Standing seam metal roof on Jupiter, FL home.

More importantly, standing seam metal roofs are sustainable; will reduce your customer’s energy costs substantially; and will not need replacing for sixty years or more.

Whether you’re a contractor or an architect, offering a standing seam metal roof as an option for your customers gives them unlimited opportunities with regard to design and color selection. Standing seam metal roofs are available in a wide range of unique roofing profiles and a limitless color pallet.

A standing seam metal roof will finish off their home beautifully and increase its resale value as well.Beautiful house with standing seam metal roofing.

In a time when most people are building their dream home that they can enjoy for a lifetime of pleasure and satisfaction – a standing seam metal roof is a wise choice.

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